Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Outdoor Bamboo Shades

In Thailand as in the Far East one of the great materials that is in no short supply is bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. In just 1 day bamboo has been known to grow 24 inches or 60 cm. In just 5 to 7 years (depending on the type of bamboo) the bamboo has reached its full height and is ready to harvest. This makes bamboo a great renewable material to use in a Thai building.

Bamboo can be used for a number of products in a Thai house both for the interior and exterior spaces. Strand woven bamboo flooring is just as hard as most hardwood floors and stands up well to high traffic and the high humidity of Thailand.

Another good product for a Thai home is outdoor bamboo blinds. They can be used for large balconies effectively. Outdoor bamboo blinds have a number of advantages.

Firstly, bamboo is naturally water resistant. Although buying outdoor bamboo blinds that have been treated for outdoor weather is crucial because of the heavy storms and winds that occur in Thailand during the monsoon.

Secondly, matchstick bamboo blinds are beautiful and they add privacy to a balcony. Those within can see out, but those outside cannot peer in. The privacy that bamboo blinds afford is famous in Asia, especially in Korea where more than one queen regent successfully ruled for her young son thanks to the privacy of Korean handmade bamboo blinds.

Thirdly, outdoor bamboo blinds are excellent in creating shade and blocking out the harsh glare of the sunlight. They allow inhabitants to use the balcony even in the height of the midday heat.

Lastly, outdoor bamboo blinds are easy to install. They usually can be internally mounted. Be sure to allow 1/2 inch when buying outdoor bamboo blinds to allow internal installation. You can find outdoor bamboo blinds in various styles in Thailand: roman style and roll up style. Whichever style you choose make sure they can be secured firmly in the event of a storm.