Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mountain Cabin

The pictures below are taken of a mountain cabin in Kanagawa in Japan. So this blog post is not strictly speaking about Thai architecture, but when I saw pictures of the mountain cabin below I immediately thought that an adaption of this design would work brilliantly in a Thai setting. 

The setting on a hill suits many land plots in Thailand which often are on slopes with sea-views. There is a big balcony with the house to take advantage of the view. And the bathroom with sliding doors to open up the bathroom to the outside looks stunning and really compliments the ethos of modern tropical Asian design.

Furthermore, the extensive use of hardwood would look good in a Thai setting. Perhaps in Thailand some of the timber could be coconut to make more use of renewable materials that can be sourced locally. The design is very modern. It is has an integrated block structure. I'm not sure the rectangular approach is the most attractive approach to architectural design. Nevertheless, it is a very popular and 'now' look that would make a stylish Thai villa.

The mountain cabin is designed by the Japanese architectural company Shun Hirayama Architecture. The kitchen and dining area were placed near the main entrance of the cabin for easy public access. The living room frames the best views; the bedrooms overlook the hill; and the bathroom enjoys privacy and a bright, airy feel.

The interior of the building was shaped to fit the land form. The walls are set in diverse angles with various ceiling heights. There are 10 different floor levels exist. The changing floor levels and the preponderance of wood is meant to create the feeling of being in a forest. In other words, to bring the outside into the house.

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